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Brochures & Leaflets

A4 and A3 leaflets and brochures from our Janitorial and Livestock ranges available to view and download. A selection of printed wallcharts and brochures are also available on request, please contact our Sales Department sales@evansvanodine.co.uk to find out more.

Leaflet or Brochure Name Type Size
General Product Guide Leaflet 1.5MB
Greentick Low Impact Products A4 Double Side 1.5MB
COSHH / CLP & Good Practice NEW A4 Double Sided 1.7MB
CLP Explanation Leaflet A4 Double Side 0.6MB
e:dose Concentrate Brochure A4, 6 page 3.2MB
Guide to Floor Care A4, 16 page 3.2MB
Guide to Floor Care Wallchart A4 1MB
Floor Care Wallchart A3 2.4MB
Carpet Care A4 Double Sided 0.6MB
Kitchen Hygiene Guide A4, 16 page 3MB
Kitchen Dilution Chart A4 1MB
Kitchen Schematic A4 3.5MB
Kitchen Schematic A3 Request
Kitchen Schematic - e:dose A4 0.5MB
What & When to Clean-Catering A4 0.2MB
Controlling Cross Contamination in Kitchens E.coli O157 Guide A4  1MB
Food Process Open Plant Cleaning A4, 4 Page 2.6MB
Guide to Machine Dishwashing A3 2.5MB
Bar & Cellar Schematic A4 Double Sided 2.0MB
Ice Cream Equipment Cleaning A4 1MB
Housekeeping Guide A4, 12 Page 2.8MB
Housekeeping Schematic A4 Double Sided 2.0MB
Guide to Toilet Cleaning A4 Double Sided 1.6MB
Washroom Schematic A4 Double Sided 2.5MB
Washroom Cleaning Checklist A4 0.1MB
Guide to Leisure Cleaning A4 Double Sided 3.1MB
Guide to Leisure Cleaning Wallchart A3 Request
Guide to On-Premise Laundry A4 Double Sided 3.6MB
Solutions in Hand 750ml Range A4 Double Sided 1.1MB
Guide to School Hygiene A4 Double Sided 0.4MB
Infection Control Guide A4 0.6MB
Guide to Hand Care A4, 12 page 2.0MB
Now Wash Your Hands A4 Double Sided 1.5MB
Sanitise Your Hands A4 Double Sided 1.3MB
Hand Hygiene Critical Control Points A4 Double Sided 0.6MB
Trigon Foam Plus Brochure A4, 4 page 0.7MB
Evolve Dispenser ID Labels A4 0.5MB
Showerhead Cleaning / Disinfection A4 1.2MB
Tile Restoration Guide A4 1.0MB
Livestock Protection Brochure A5, 20 page  4.8MB
FAM 30 Global Biosecurity A4, 4 page  0.4MB
Teat Care Disinfection A4, 4 page  Request
Calf Pen Disinfection A4, 4 page  0.7MB
Milking Hygiene Wallchart A4 or A3  0.2MB
GPC8 Biosecurity A4, 4 page  0.8MB
Poultry Disinfection A4, 8 page  1.5MB
Hatchery Hygiene A4, 8 page  1.3MB
Pig Disinfection A4, 8 page  0.5MB